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Variety Pack - Flavoured Milk (Pack of 10)

Variety Pack - Flavoured Milk (Pack of 10)

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CocoHigh is Introducing our best Flavoured Milk! Made with the freshest, highest-quality milk sourced from local dairy farms, CocoHigh brings you a range of irresistible. From rich chocolate to the fruity sweetness of strawberry and the comforting warmth of vanilla, there's a flavour for everyone to enjoy. Each sip is a creamy delight, packed with essential nutrients and goodness. Whether you need a quick energy boost or a tasty treat to satisfy your cravings, Cocohigh Flavored Milk is the perfect choice. Experience pure delight in every sip with CocoHigh! CocoHigh  is the biggest flavoured milk brand in India

Ready To Serve Flavour Milk

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